Will herb seed for cooking grow?

Five seed experiment

Which herb seeds sold for cooking can you grow easily? And do their leaves taste any good? To find out, I went to my local health food shop, where they conveniently sell herbs loose - and splashed out 97 pence on a few grams of five herbs: coriander, fenugreek, white mustard, fennel, and dill.

A few of each of the seeds were planted in shallow seed tray.  Can't wait to see what comes up!

8 days later

The mustard has emerged. The taste takes me back to the mustard and cress we had as a child - and to bad memories of egg sandwiches. I admire how vigorous it is a crop but remain ambivalent about the flavour. I hope some of the other seeds will come up, too.

2 weeks later

Everything except the fennel is now growing (no sign of the mustard - because it's all eaten!). Still a bit too small to harvest, even as 'micro greens' (to use its trendy name). Will leave for a few more days.

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Karin Skalla

love it! I have a big veg garden but have a gardening business and love to see what others are doing in small spaces as my clients are often interested in that!!
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