Community: How to organise a plant / seed / harvest swap - Free guide

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In the guide you'll learn how to plan and promote a swap, what to do on the day, and afterwards.  The guide offers tips for running your first ever swap.  And shares ideas for how everyone, whether they seeds to share or not, can participate.

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Seed and plant swaps offer a wonderful opportunity for people in a community to get together. A place to exchange growing tips and stories and to experience the buzz of a new growing season. They also offer somewhere people can get an affordable supply of seeds.

Swaps also offer the opportunity to share the seeds and plants you love with others and to find good homes for any you have too many of. People don't necessarily have to have seeds or plants to join in. Some swaps allow participants to make a donation for seeds or even to bring something else to swap - it might be baking, an unwanted cookery or gardening book, or the offer of gardening or other help. 

A swap does not have to be large to be fun and worthwhile. They can happen on any scale - from a few friends in a flat or colleagues at work, right up to a large community event.

If you are considering organising one in your community, this step by step guide, written for Vertical Veg by Darja Fiser of Zelemenjava, tells you how. Darja first organised a small swap for a few friends in her flat in Slovenia. It was so successful it has now grown into a national event!  Darja has since helped organise many other swaps. In the guides she shares her experience, tips as well as the common pitfalls to watch out for.

The guide is free, simply enter your email address below. You can also hear Darja talk about her experiences in the webinar recordings below.


Hear from Darja: how it all started and her tips on organising a swap

i) Darja's amazing story - how a national event started from her flat

After growing too many seedlings in her small flat in her first year of growing, Darja Fišer organised a plant swap with her friends. The event was so successful it grew into a national event in Slovenia! Since then Darja has organised many different plant, seed and harvest swaps, both small and large.

Here, Darja shares her story of how a small swap in her first year of growing took off to be replicated in cities across Slovenia.


ii) How to organise a swap, step by step

In this webinar, Darja shares her extensive experience and learning of how to organise a swap step by step, tips for success and common pitfalls to be aware of.



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